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Born from my formula Renault racing days in Europe, a unique online ‘Personal Shopper’ boutique motorsports service evolved.  We are a small online motorsports ‘speciality’ car locating, custom parts & accessories ‘service providing’ company, dedicated to the vision and dreams of my ‘adopted’ son, but in each and every definition of the word ‘son’ he and his brother are son’s to me.

Greg tragically and unexpectedly passed away on January 3, 2015, at the young age of twenty-seven. His ‘love’ was his 240SX car, which he, his older brother Stephen and my garage toiled, sweated and slaved working on, to mold “his love” into the beautiful car that it STILL is today.

My dream was to be able to combine ‘ALL’ of the ‘love for cars’ we collectively possessed and use that ‘love’ to allow other’s dreams to become their own personal reality.

Help us embrace Greg’s living memory (12/2/1987 – 01/03/2015), by sharing this website & our  Amazon Performance Parts store with all your friends and colleagues.

Thank you..

Gregory R. Plesetz, Heavenly General Manager

Brian, Earthly General Manager


Greg’s “sweet” 240Sx that went through more sets of tires from sliding around drifting wherever he could!


2015-01-06 16.54.17

Greg with one his GF’s, Connie D. showing off his ‘silly side’.

2015-01-07 03.03.08

Greg’s eternal smile and care-free disposition.. I miss him a lot, we all miss him. RIP Gregory Roger Plesetz 1987 – 2015

Custom aftermarket turbo 240SX

There’s his turbo ‘baby’ and infectious smile again!


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