Acting as your online “personal buyer,” we find the custom, aftermarket, one-off, performance engine, exhaust systems, turbocharger parts you want and we can ship the parts and accessories to you, wherever you are located.

You can check out ECS discounted parts & accessories on our Amazon Specialty Performance Parts store, where you can find all the INTERIOR or EXTERIOR  Parts & Accessories you need at discounted prices, plus experience the peace of mind and deliverability Amazon offers.



All customer purchases are unique and considered ‘Special Order items. 

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Acting as your ‘personal representative’, the ‘service’ we provide will locate any ‘speciality’ car & custom, aftermarket, one-off or high performance parts and accessories for your vehicle. We can ship them to your location. We offer various shipping method options for your convenience.



If you can’t find what you are looking for, contact us and let US do the legwork for you..

We cater to anybody that has the ‘means’, but not the ‘time’, for researching, locating and purchasing all the ‘unique, hard to find, one-off, custom or aftermarket parts and accessories, that true automobile connoisseurs, aficionados and enthusiasts demand.





The services we provide will help you locate and order your sought after items, purchase them as your ‘personal shopper representative,’ based upon your specific preferences and ship the items with your chosen method of delivery… You sit back and let US do all the leg work. You CAN get your cake and eat it too !!

We are located in Southern California, he home to ALL the greatest car accessories, aftermarket, ‘one-off’ designing and manufacturing facilities, plus anything and everything else one can think of for your car.

You get the benefit of the HUGE selection of import and domestic manufacturer’s items, plus the benefit and insight of the ‘best car minds,’ designing and producing parts & accessories that TRUE car enthusiasts really WANT, but that the car manufacturer’s CAN’T always deliver.

Now, you are able to get the stuff that you never used to be able to get, but without ALL the hassle….










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