The ordering process is initiated by sending us a detailed message using the Contact link at the bottom of the homepage. Follow the instructions and be sure to include all the specifics related to your inquiry. Once received, we will contact you to obtain any additional information pursuant to your interest in our services. Please, remember to register and join our website family, in order to streamline future site access and purchases.


The customer’s ‘quoted price’ includes our service fees and any applicable sales tax, plus any other miscellaneous costs incurred. Customer purchase and payment for services rendered is facilitated using the PayPal email invoice billing system, instead of adding items to the traditional shopping cart. All shipping costs are separately itemized on the customer email Invoice, according to the customer specified method.


NOTE: Items purchased through our Amazon Performance Parts Specialty store will be fulfilled using the method listed, plus any shipping options available, specific for each product available in our store.


The customer will receive a PayPal email invoice from ECS Motorsports, itemizing all services and/or items purchased, our fees, all applicable taxes and the shipping costs. See more information on the process below or View the customer invoice information.



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